Desiigner – New English & Tiimmy Turner

Many of the so called “Hip-Hop” purists absolutely despise the rise of Desiigner and his brand of mumble music. Others despise the fact that he seems to have literally taken the sound popularised by Future, with no unique or artistic flair to his art. Coming into both his new mixtape (his first and only one to date) and the Tiimmy Turner single, I had high hopes. I had enjoyed his breakout single “Panda” and his XXL Freshman Timmy Turner freestyle was catchy enough for me to be caught in its melody.

After a very melodic piano intro, the tape began with “Caliber”, which on first listen was very jarring to me but like the two Desiigner songs I had previously encountered, it grew on me. I still don’t really know what he’s saying on the chorus but whatever, it bangs. Then the tape goes into “Make It Out” which is my highlight of the tape and sees a departure from his usual sound, using an aggresive flow; Some would say more a style more befitting of a New York MC. Two tracks in, so far so good. Then it falls off a cliff.

“Shooters” is boring and cuts off seemingly in the middle of the song. Trash. “Monsters and Villains” has a banging beat, decent chorus but then cuts off very early into the song. Why the hell is this only 38 seconds long?! Trash. Then a random soulful interlude that adds nothing to the tape. Trash. “Talk Regardless” shows Desiigner using the most incoherent Future impression I’ve heard. God. Damn. Trash. At this point in the tape, I began to lose hope. “Roll With Me” has the same flow we’ve heard in pretty much every song except the aforementioned “Make It Out”. Very skippable. Then another pointless interlude.

By this point, I’m seriously questioning why the hell I’m still trying to listen to this. And then, “Da Day” comes. God bless Mekado (I had to google who this was as no features were listed) whom I could actually understand and although was nothing amazing, still held my interest for his verse. Then Desiigner jumps in with this same Future impression and I sink my head in disappointment. The beat switch up half way in the song completes the U-Turn aaaaand skip. Not even a Pusha T verse can save “Jet” (By his standards the verse was pretty weak). Skip. “Overnight” might be the worst song Desiigner has made, I do not have the words to describe how much this song blows. Might be the worst track I heard during the summer. Boo-Boo *Kendrick Lamar Voice*. By the time “Zombie Walk” starts I just wished the album would end; I’m disappointed enough and it just isn’t helping. Damn this sucks. Panda is still awesome though. Overall, the only songs on this tape that had any replay value for me were “Caliber”, “Panda” and “Make It Out”, so overall pretty trash for a tape with 11 songs.

And then, just when I’m ready to totally dismiss Desiigner as a waste of my time, he dropped Tiimmy Turner. HO. MY. GAWD. I shouldn’t lie, on first listen I hated this song. But I couldn’t stop singing the catchy-ass chorus. Eventually, I gave in and basked in the awesome vibe of the track. The song has been out for a few months and I still frequently scream along to “Beluga, Beluga, Beluga!” on my way to work. Don’t know what it means, don’t care. It bangs. If all his Future (l0l) releases are like the first half of this song then I’m excited to hear more. It’s so good I’m willing to ignore that trash beat change that kills the whole vibe of the song.

Verdict on Desiigner – Could be amazing if his production is of the right level consistently. Also, needs more songs like “Make It Out”.

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