AJ Tracey & Dave – Thiago Silva

I’m not going to profess to be a huge fan of either AJ Tracey or Dave. A few of their features on sets I’ve watched were decent, but I can’t really say I’m a fan (although I really like “Skepta” by AJ Tracey). I therefore, had no expectations coming into this track, other than the buzz I had heard about it from Twitter.

For once, Black Twitter did not let me down. This song is fire. It reminds me of how Grime sounded back in 2006, when it was still relatively new (though in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a very young genre). This is mainly due to the remixing of a classic Grime beat, in Rapid’s “Pied Piper” which was vocalled by many a Grime MC, my personal favourite being Escobar’s version, which I would recommend as well (RIP Esco). The chorus maintains the pace of the song, as a traditional chorus may have removed the back to back momentum, and the lack of any repetition allows the two MC’s to remain at the centre-stage.

Hearing nothing but bars back to back sounds so refreshing, and the style of these two MC’s really compliment each other. Playing off of each other’s bars, this just flows so well. It’s grime in the manner I grew accustomed to as a teen, with duo’s like Kano and Ghetts or the Newham Generals being very effective at this style of Grime. This track deserves several wheel-ups. My personal highlights were definitely AJ Tracey with “Ladbroke Grove is where I re-who? Man get burst up in the G-who?” which I reload at least 5 times every time I listen to this song. If you’re not too familiar with Grime music, this isn’t a bad place to start, especially as the delivery from both Dave and AJ Tracey is very clear and crisp. So, definitely love this song. Though I’ve listened a lot now and I still can’t figure why it’s called Thiago Silva other than one line by Dave late on in the track.

Verdict on AJ Tracey & Dave – Very impressed with both these guys, definitely looking to hear more music from the two of them. They should definitely make more music together.

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