RiFF RaFF – Vibe

Why do I do this to myself?? I have already reviewed an earlier track from RiFF RaFF, “Back From The Dead ft Skepta” and I loathed that song. So I have no reason to have listened to this song. But my morbid curiosity got the better of me and I allowed myself to listen to this song. Mistake. This is that fufu-lame ish. When I heard the guitar melody, and the singer (who isn’t credited as a feature, but in all honesty should have taken this for himself, it would have been much better), I knew this was going to suck. The chorus has the making’s of a radio friendly pop song and that would have been perfectly fine. Diplo produced a sound that is slightly cheesy but inoffensive, it’s not something I’d usually seek out but I wouldn’t begrudge it.

However. Those are literally the only positives from this song. After the first line of RiFF RaFF, I actually turned the song off the first time I listened to it. “First off, pay all your taxes”. Bruh. I cannot in good conscience, get jiggy with this. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, RiFF RaFF is only good when he’s being funny. Other than this, lyrically he’s not amazing (actually he’s trash), but when he’s using the comedy angle, his music can be quite enjoyable. This song is not funny. At all. This is the second single off of his upcoming album, Balloween. I know the same morbid curiosity that made me listen to this will probably make me listen to that too, but I’m fully aware that I’ll probably hate it and curse myself for doing it.

Verdict on RiFF RaFF – He’s lost it. He ain’t got the juice no mo’.

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