Action Bronson – Durag vs Headband

This dude man. He is definitely one of my favourite rappers and whereas artists who tend to be humorous in their approach to music often come off as either corny (Lil Dicky) or a bit of a joke (RiFF RaFF), Bronsolini has it right. The mix between lyrical dexterity and hilarious imagery, his music is so entertaining. This song is that mix at it’s very best, with the very simplistic drum lead beat leaving plenty of space for him to fill the track with his trademark quotables. I won’t go through them here but I’d strongly recommend you listen to this song, it’s a genuinely fun listen and perfectly reflects the persona Action Bronson has built with his online presence. Most notable of which, is his series on VICE, entitled F*ck That’s Delicious. Parts of it can be found on YouTube and if you haven’t watched any of it yet, I’d also recommend having a gander at that.

Verdict on Action Bronson – Classic track from him, barrel of laughs and many quotables that I can’t wait to introduce into my life.

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