Gucci Mane x Lil Uzi Vert – 1017 vs The World 

Whilst I am someone who definitely appreciates Gucci Mane (To this day, Lemonade is one of my favourite songs of all time), I must say when he releases these collaborative EP’s they seldom live up to the standard of some of his other work. I’m looking at his effort with Chief Keef in particular, but there are loads of others to think about. So when Lil Uzi Vert announced this release, I was not sure whether to be excited or not. It’s not a very long EP, standing at only 7 tracks so there isn’t a lot of time for duds which is definitely a plus. There is no chance of the record overstaying it’s welcome and this is probably a good thing as there are no new sounds or styles being experimented with in the tape so it really doesn’t warrant a lengthier release. Further to this, I have one criticism of Gucci Mane which I also apply to Young Thug, in that they produce such high volumes of work it can sometimes seem like there’s no quality control process in the tracks. In other words, it can sound like they just keep random lines until they reach 16. Sometimes it sounds cool, sometimes it doesn’t and on some of the songs here it really doesn’t.

The biggest surprise for me upon seeing the track-listing was the producers. An Uzi tape without Don Cannon or Maaly Raw did not give me high hopes as much of his best work has come with those two. It definitely shows. Much of this tape is bland, and doesn’t have the charm that makes the music of these two as individuals interesting. In these seven short tracks, there is a real fluctuation in quality between the songs. When it’s good, it is really good and when it’s bad….well…just listen to “Blonde Brigitte”. I don’t mind songs with really basic or even asinine subject matter but this was hard to listen to even for me. Mannie Fresh is a legend but this beat is boo-boo, there’s nothing to it at all. Gucci Mane sounds trash on the chorus and Uzi sounds like a Trap Urkel on his verse. Just skip, skip, skip. The beat on “Threesome” is fine, Zaytoven is a very reliable producer in this genre however it really, really needed the energy of a Migos or the like. Gucci and Uzi didn’t particularly bring the high octane delivery that this beat deserved so….skip. The final track “Secure The Bag” is just bad in general. The beat sounds like something from the pause menu of an early 00’s video game and the chorus and verses and ad-libs and everything about this song is bad. This is Desiigner “Overtime” level trash fused with Tyga level trash. There aren’t enough words for how much I dislike this song.

On a more positive note, there are some moments on this which make these 3 duds worth sitting through. “Fresh” and “In 04” are by far the highlights on this tape for me. The latter has Uzi as entertaining and charismatic as ever in his delivery and unlike he does on much of the tape, Gucci doesn’t really drag the energy down on this song. This really sounds like an Uzi song featuring Gucci, whereas “Fresh” is the reverse. The beat and tempo of the song is much more in his style, but Uzi compliments the track well and it is overall still a rather entertaining listen. These two still do not hold a candle to the best work of either of these artists and for that reason this tape can feel a little redundant. This could have easily just been a couple of pretty good collaborative tracks and nothing more, but attempting to flesh these out into an EP leaves a little to be desired. Not a bad tape but still nothing to phone home about; It just makes me really happy that the proposed Gucci Mane x Drake tape never came to fruition as I feel the lack of quality control would have affected that project as well.

Verdict on Gucci Mane and Lil Uzi Vert – BURRRRR…What?!