Shogun – Vulcan

Grime is not dead, it’s live. As with many of typically underground genres, the rise of the internet and social media does more than spread aspects of culture in fashion and speech but also musical influences. From the likes of New York native A$AP Rocky being heavily influenced by the Houston sound, local sounds and movements are being blasted globally in the YouTube and Soundcloud generation. I for one, absolutely love this aspect of the industry and recently to this end I stumbled upon this freestyle from July of this year. It was a grime freestyle, with an artist who I had not previously heard of, named Shogun. Once he began rapping however, the first thing to stand out was his Paisley accent. Shogun is a Scottish Grime artist but after watching this track, that’s about where the differences end. I was enthralled by the video. In 3 minutes, he was able demonstrate flow, delivery and content deeper than much of what is coming from some of the best in the genre. It was unmistakably British, in the tales of his life in working-class Britain, you’ll find no German whips and getting money with the gang here. Off of the content alone, it threw me back to the work of Devlin around the time of Bud, Sweat and Beers or some of Dot Rotten’s early releases. It was the gritty realism that sometimes Grime misses out on and I find more than welcome. The video is below and I would highly recommend you watch this.

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