Wiley ft Chip, Ice Kid & Little D – On This

I really have a love/hate relationship with Grime if I’m being honest. Sometimes the raw energy, fast paced flows and interesting beats really do draw me in and I thoroughly enjoy them. Other times it’s cringe inducing noise pollution and I can’t find my skip button fast enough.

This track from Grime veteran Wiley, off of his latest Godfather album really sits on the fence between the two for me. I’m not crazy about the beat at all, it doesn’t hold my interest for very long and unlike many of the best beats in the genre, would not survive as an instrumental in a mix.

Wiley isn’t terrible here by any means, but there also isn’t anything to phone home about. By his standards it’s a pretty average verse, one he could have whipped up in 30 minutes sitting on the tube. His delivery here also adds to that feeling, missing that cheeky, passionate flair that made him encapsulating to me almost 15 years ago.

I have never been a fan of Chip(munk), well at least not since he had “gyal on [his] Ericsson, gyal on [his] Nokia”. He sounds pretty good when he’s making diss tracks but here as with many of his tracks, I just couldn’t care less about anything he has to say on this. Maybe I’m just not as connected with the genre as I was as a teen but I cannot find one thing about this verse that suggests he should hold legend status.

Ice Kid on the other hand, I was a fan of. I always felt his prolonged absence left a gap that wasn’t properly filled in the genre, however since his return I am having real difficulty understanding what he is saying. In the first 8 bars, the only parts I understood were “humble pie”, “anybody coming/come in? here better come precise” “quit talkin’ a bunch of shite” and “RondoNumbaNine”. Going on RapGenius only raised more questions than it answered. I like Ice but I can’t get jiggy with this sh*t.

Little Dee has up until this point and will continue to suck. Nothing more to add here.

Verdict on Wiley – Ugh, I want to like this but honestly this just is not a good song. Maybe it’ll sound better in the context of the whole album?


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